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The truth a hate-Japan demonstration uncovers



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You must not easily believe the selfish claims of Korea, the nation of hatred.

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Please look at this picture.
This is the scene in front of Embassy of Japan in Seoul on April 1, 2015. Aniti Japan demonstration was given again on this day.
It is more suitable to call "Hate demonstration against Japan's Prime Minister, Abe".

Korean demonstrators "burned" and "decapitated" Abe by imitating ISIS(Islamic State). Their performance is full of intense hatred but never an unusual scene in Korea. This scene is suitable for this "Hate nation" which is giving "Hate education" to her people . Such demonstrators have ever killed a live Japanese dog, a live bird and a live pig in barbarous fashion.

But these selfish people accuse a Japanese conservative group of using "Hate speech". What they call "Hate speech" are "Takeshima is teritorries of Japan!", " Break diplomatic ties with Korea!" and others. Then they claim Japanese government should ban "Hate speech". It is very surprising.

By the way, there is a noteworthy picture, which is one of the pictures above. They seems to call on Prime Minister Abe to apologize and pay compensation. I enlarged this below.
ISIL(イスラム国)の処刑を真似、日本の安倍首相を焼き、首をはねています。激しい憎悪に溢れたパフォーマンスですが、韓国では決して稀な光景ではありません。 国民にヘイト教育をする憎悪の国に相応しい 、いつもの風景なのです。生きた日本の犬や鳥、また豚を残酷に殺したこともあります。

しかしこの勝手な人々は日本の保守団体が「竹島は日本の領土」「日韓断交」などを叫ぶと、これを「ヘイトスピーチ」と言って「ヘイトスピーチを禁止せよ」と騒ぎ出す のですから驚きです。


Look at the locations I circled carefully.

These were written in "English". Though it is not necessary for the persons who knows what Japan was at war, "English" was an "Enemy Language". As well as not offering all English classes at school, even English loanwords went out of use. Japanese had baseball game, but they used "Yoshi(Good)" and "Dame(bad)" instead of "Strike" and "Ball".

This meansthis picture was not taken in the wartime brothel for Japanese Army. Then in this building, who bought these women?

In Korea, there is an aid system for comfort women for Japanese Army, but no aid system for comfort women for US Army. In addition Korea has "a culture of lies" . It is no wonder many women say they were comfort women for Japanese Army if they prostituted themselves for other people.

in fact. I want to tell Americans who stand up for Korean people about comfort women's (for Japanese Army). Korean people(including ethnic Koreans) demand more and more for the persons who accept their claims. They become to make unlimited demands as if they were parasitic. We need to watch their demands.


つまりこれは日本軍の慰安所ではない のです。ではこの建物で彼女らは誰に身を売っていたのでしょうか?

韓国には、日本軍慰安婦には援助をする制度がありますが、米軍慰安婦にはありません。ましてや、 「嘘の文化」 の国なのです。誰もかれもが私は日本軍慰安婦だったと言い出しても何ら不思議ではありません

慰安婦問題で韓国人の味方をするアメリカ人に言っておきたいのですが、彼らは自分たちの要求をきく人間に対しては要求をエスカレートさせます。まるで寄生するように際限なく要求をぶつけてくる のです。あまり彼らに甘い顔をしない方がいいと思います。

122 Korean women claims that they were comfort women for US Army in Base villages


In june, 2014, 122 Korean comfort women for US Army filed a damage suit against Korean government for having a hand in prostitution.

According to a news report, in December, 2014, Korean government claims the following in the answer which was filed on the opening day of a trial at last.

"Each of 122 women needs individual and concrete evidences about each of the civil servants in charge."

This sounds very strange. What Korea's demands on Japan(apologizing and paying compensation) based on? Did they have any evidence? No. Their demands base only on comfort women's "testimonies".

But when they are in the same position, suddenly they began to claim that comfort women need individual and concrete evidences.
2014年6月、 122人の米軍兵士の 韓国人慰安婦が売春に手を貸した韓国政府に賠償請求の訴えを起こしました。
報道(2014年12月) によりますと、 韓国政府は初公判日にやっと提出した答弁書にて次のように主張しているとのことです。


これは大変不思議なことです。韓国政府は日頃日本へ主張していること(謝罪と賠償)は、何に基づいていたのでしょうか? 証拠があったのでしょうか?いいえ。元慰安婦の「証言」のみです。


2015.4.25 Edit
(original picture)        

Japan's Prime Minister, Abe is now planning to make a speech to US Congress(2015/4/29). Then many ethnic Koreans got angry with this, and they are going to hold a protest meeting in front of the US Congress.

The left picture is the poster of this meeting. We can imagine its main theme is a comfort women's issue from the background image. Now please pay attention to a part of the lower right. The person circled does not look like a Japanese, but a white person.

They inadvertently used the picture about the comfort women for US Army again. If a comfort women's issue is not a political issue for condemning Japan, but a human right issue, ethnic Koreans should claim the real comfort women in this picture should also be paid compensation. Am I wrong?
日本の安倍首相は、アメリカ連邦議会で演説が予定されています(2015/4/29)が、それに怒った韓国系住民たちが、 その議事堂前で『安倍糾弾大会』を開こうとしています。



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